Spotlight on Sustainable Urbanisation: My Insights in Malaysia’s National Media

In my recent interview, we explored how smart city initiatives intersect with urban sustainability. While technology plays a role, true progress hinges on comprehensive public policies. Modal shift strategies and smart mobility solutions are key components. Malaysia’s journey toward genuine smart and sustainable cities requires a people-centric approach, integrating urban requirements across all Sustainable Development Goals.

I’m honored to be featured in the national #media of #Malaysia 🇲🇾 for the second time. I had a great conversation with Soon Li Wei, journalist at the Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA)*, about how to build a #smartcity that puts #people first and supports urban #sustainability 🌿 (#SDGs).

You can check out my #interview ⤵ and the full article along with Yin Wei Chong from UNDP Accelerator Labs 🇲🇾, where we share more insights and examples on how to design and implement people-centric #smartcity but also nature-based solutions. Click on the link below to read more 😃 !

* #BERNAMA is the equivalent of #AFP in France 🇫🇷
My 1st interview (11/10)

European smart city consultant Stéphane Péan, who is in #KualaLumpur regularly, said like in many other countries, the smart city approach in #Malaysia certainly began with a technology-pushed mindset, which seeks to foster the digital economy (via #innovation), improve public #safety (cameras) and support urban #sustainability and #resilience policies.

He told #Bernama part of these initiatives can contribute to meeting some of the #SDGs such as #SDG9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), #SDG11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and #SDG13 (Climate Action).

However, he added, a true #smartcity approach should comprehensively integrate “urban requirements” to help achieve all the 17 #SDGs as they are all interconnected.

“Therefore, the outcomes depend on public policies in place and not only the technologies that are used,” he pointed out.

“For instance, in the #Klangvalley, mass #transportation infrastructures are now well deployed but in order to bring people on board, modal shift policies must be engaged and #smartmobility solutions are the key.”

The former town planner believes #Malaysia will be able to build genuine smart and sustainable cities in the near future by integrating with urban #sustainability, which requires a more people-centric #governance.

Source: Build Smart Cities That Are People-Oriented, Not Entirely Tech-Centric – Experts, Bernama

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