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Spotlight on Sustainable Urbanisation: My Insights in Malaysia’s National Media

In my recent interview, we explored how smart city initiatives intersect with urban sustainability. While technology plays a role, true progress hinges on comprehensive public policies. Modal shift strategies and smart mobility solutions are key components. Malaysia’s journey toward genuine smart and sustainable cities requires a people-centric approach, integrating urban requirements across all Sustainable Development Goals.


Spotlight on Smart Cities: Malaysia’s National Media Features

Featured in Malaysia’s national media, I discussed the essence of smart cities beyond technology, focusing on people-centric development. Amidst significant events on digital transformation and urban planning, I shared insights as a speaker. Smart cities, as I conveyed, intertwine innovation with local needs to foster inclusive, sustainable environments aligned with the UN SDGs. Emphasizing low-tech, high-impact solutions, I advocated for community engagement in city planning, empowering residents to actively shape their urban spaces.