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Spotlight on Sustainable Urbanisation: My Insights in Malaysia’s National Media

In my recent interview, we explored how smart city initiatives intersect with urban sustainability. While technology plays a role, true progress hinges on comprehensive public policies. Modal shift strategies and smart mobility solutions are key components. Malaysia’s journey toward genuine smart and sustainable cities requires a people-centric approach, integrating urban requirements across all Sustainable Development Goals.


NPC 2023 Keynote on Smart & Sustainable Cities

Honored to speak at Malaysia’s NPC 2023, I shared insights on empowering smart cities for sustainable development. Highlighting Brittany’s digital twin initiatives, I emphasized data’s pivotal role in urban planning. The event, a confluence of tradition and modernity, allowed me to expand my network and advocate for collaborative, data-driven, and community-empowered urban innovation, resonating with the SDGs and local needs.


Smart Cities and the Net-Zero Challenge: Insights from Paris Roundtable

Returning to France from Asia, I had the enriching opportunity to attend the 3rd Roundtable on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth in Paris. The discussions delved into how smart cities can catalyze the net-zero transition, among other topics. The term ‘smart city’ has evolved, intersecting various influences and interests, and is now synonymous with sustainability. It’s essential to underpin smart city initiatives with a robust strategy for sustainable urban development, integrating SDGs as guiding policies. This approach will enable developing countries to forge their path in SDG localisation, moving beyond a top-down methodology to one that empowers localities and ensures devolution of power, aligning with the global sustainability goals.