Attending the SBTi & Climate Symposium 2024: A Shift from Climate Pledges to Action

Attending Malaysia’s SBTi & Climate Symposium 2024 highlighted action over pledges, emphasizing the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for systemic change. I also had the opportunity to reconnect with Hasrol Rosli, the sustainability visionary from PRASARANA MALAYSIA BERHAD at the event.

Attending today the #SBTi & Climate Symposium 2024 🇲🇾 was not just an event; it was an experience that highlighted the critical shift from “#Climate Pledges to Action.”

In partnership with the #SDGs driven UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei, this symposium emphasised the need for real, impactful change, moving beyond commitments to drive emissions reduction and foster economic growth through #innovation.

The use of the Science Based Targets initiative (#SBTi) was presented not merely as a tool but as a comprehensive approach to catalyse #systemic change. It was a call to action for all stakeholders to contribute to a resilient and low-carbon economy.

A highlight of the day was reconnecting with Hasrol Rosli, the visionary behind sustainable transportation at PRASARANA MALAYSIA BERHAD. End of last year, the urban transportation operator unveiled an ambitious sustainability #blueprint (2023-2030), outlining a future where public transport is not only efficient and widespread but also a cornerstone of #Malaysia‘s low-carbon journey.

With strategic goals like transforming towards low-carbon transportation, upholding safety and security standards, driving productivity, and enriching the community, #PRASARANA aims to achieve a 40% urban public transport mode shift by 2030. This aligns with the National Transport Policy and reflects a commitment to a 45% reduction in carbon emissions by the same year.

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