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Spearheading Sustainable Futures: My Speaker Engagement at ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024

Embark on a journey with me at the 19th ITS Asia Pacific Forum in Jakarta, where we’ll enlighten the path to Nusantara—a groundbreaking $35 billion endeavor to redefine urban living. In my talk, I’ll delve in the essence of holistic innovation that supports sustainable urban environments, prioritising the well-being of citizens within a vibrant urban ecosystem.


Embracing Change: Ker-Iz Consulting’s Journey Beyond Borders

Celebrating four years of innovation, Ker-Iz Consulting (KIC) unveils its vibrant webpage update, marking a strategic pivot from Japan and Europe to the dynamic Southeast Asian region. With Malaysia as a newfound hub, KIC is poised to influence the ASEAN landscape through a series of pivotal projects and a significant AsiaPacific event, heralding a transformative era in my professional narrative.