Spearheading Sustainable Futures: My Speaker Engagement at ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024

Embark on a journey with me at the 19th ITS Asia Pacific Forum in Jakarta, where we’ll enlighten the path to Nusantara—a groundbreaking $35 billion endeavor to redefine urban living. In my talk, I’ll delve in the essence of holistic innovation that supports sustainable urban environments, prioritising the well-being of citizens within a vibrant urban ecosystem.

I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be a #speaker at the upcoming 19th ITS Asia Pacific Forum Jakarta 🇮🇩. In this “special interest” session, called BUILDING A NEW CAPITAL CITY FROM THE GROUND UP and moderated by knowledge partner Arup 🇬🇧, we’ll explore “sustainable urban planning, cutting-edge infrastructure, and the integration of #smartcity technologies”.

The Indonesian capital city 🇮🇩 shift project, known as #Nusantara, is a groundbreaking initiative ($35 billion) to build a sustainable and smart city on #Borneo Island, aiming to set a new standard for urban living by prioritising green infrastructure, innovative technologies, and a commitment to urban #sustainability.

My talk, titled “Weaving Deep Sustainability with Digital Twins for People-Centred Smart Cities”, will highlight the role of #holistic innovation in shaping sustainable urban environments that emphasise the #wellbeing of their inhabitants in a thriving urban #ecosystem.

This moment is a reflective milestone in my #career, marking the evolution from spearheading ITS* promotion with ATEC ITS FRANCE 🇫🇷, to a transformative decade in #Japan’s automotive sector 🇯🇵, culminating in a key role at Toyota Motor Corporation’s ITS planning division. My tenure at EIT Digital 🇪🇺 as the leader of the Digital Cities Action Line allowed me to champion ITS solutions across #Europe. Today, as a freelance expert, I draw upon this wealth of experience to guide #smartcity solutions towards #SoutheastAsia 🌏.

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* Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

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