Reflections on “Toward 2050: Future Bangkok for a Resilient and Livable City” Event

The workshop at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Hall explored urban resilience, livability, and governance reforms towards 2050. Discussions centered on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and transforming public policies, with participation from Thai, French, and international experts.

I had the pleasure of attending today the “Toward 2050: Future #Bangkok for a Resilient and Livable City” event, at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Hall 🇹🇭. Organised in collaboration with international partners, the workshop focused on urban #resilience and #livability.

#Governance was a key topic during the workshop, along with the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs), emphasising the need to #change institutions and public policy practices for societal #transformation. This includes political #decentralisation, a whole-of-government approach, and integrated public policies.

Attending for #networking, I connected with Thai 🇹🇭, French 🇫🇷, and international experts in sustainable urban development. I had the opportunity to meet again Aik Hock Ng from Dassault Systèmes 🇫🇷, engaged in discussions with the Governor of #Bangkok regarding the 3D City Virtual Twin. I also met Antoine Mougenot from Agence Française de Développement 🇫🇷, a governmental agency that supports sustainable development initiatives in developing countries.

Returning to #Thailand 🇹🇭, I was delighted to practice #MuayThai 🥊 again in the country. 😎✌🏻

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