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My opinion in URBANISME: Urban Planners, Future Promoters of Transition?

In France, urban planners face challenges in gaining recognition compared to architects and engineers. The decentralization model limits their influence, leaving room for other disciplines. However, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer an opportunity for French urban planners to shape territories. By embracing holistic approaches, interdisciplinary skills, and collaboration, they can transform society and contribute to institutional reform. International cooperation is also crucial, especially with regions facing significant urbanisation challenges.


Spotlight on Sustainable Urbanisation: My Insights in Malaysia’s National Media

In my recent interview, we explored how smart city initiatives intersect with urban sustainability. While technology plays a role, true progress hinges on comprehensive public policies. Modal shift strategies and smart mobility solutions are key components. Malaysia’s journey toward genuine smart and sustainable cities requires a people-centric approach, integrating urban requirements across all Sustainable Development Goals.


Spotlight on Smart Cities: Malaysia’s National Media Features

Featured in Malaysia’s national media, I discussed the essence of smart cities beyond technology, focusing on people-centric development. Amidst significant events on digital transformation and urban planning, I shared insights as a speaker. Smart cities, as I conveyed, intertwine innovation with local needs to foster inclusive, sustainable environments aligned with the UN SDGs. Emphasizing low-tech, high-impact solutions, I advocated for community engagement in city planning, empowering residents to actively shape their urban spaces.