My Sustainability Insights at the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum 2024: Paving the Way for the New Indonesian Capital Transfer

At the 19th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum 2024 in Jakarta, the vibrant ITS community gathered to discuss Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). As a distinguished speaker, I fostered enriching dialogues on deep sustainability, urban digital twins, and data governance. Engaging with transportation specialists from Southeast Asia, we explored new horizons for the new Indonesian capital.

Thrilled to reconnect with the #ITS community at The 19th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum 2024 #ITSAPFORUM2024 in #Jakarta 🇮🇩! Reflecting on my journey since ATEC ITS FRANCE 🇫🇷, I’m filled with gratitude for the global fraternity 🌐 that’s been a constant throughout my career.

Reuniting with Akio Yamamoto, my director during my time at Toyota Motor Corporation’s ITS Planning Division in #Japan 🇯🇵, was a highlight. His visionary leadership as president of #ITSJapan 🇯🇵 and secretary general of #ITSAsiaPacific continues to inspire.

My talk session on the ambitious relocation of #Indonesia 🇮🇩’s capital to Borneo island, #Nusantara, fostered enriching dialogues. I aimed to provide a foundational understanding of deep #sustainability, highlighting holistic policies, the evolving potential of urban #digitaltwins, and the pivotal role of smart #dataspaces in data #governance. These leading-edge elements are the foundations of today’s efforts to craft a sustainable #smartcity.

In addition, the panel discussion allowed me to emphasise the #social aspects of urban #sustainability, which are crucial for the inclusive development of #Nusantara and its integration with the surrounding region and communities.

The #forum also served as a valuable platform to exchange ideas with #transportation and #mobility specialists from across #SoutheastAsia 🌏, especially #Indonesia 🇮🇩.

I’m hopeful that these new interactions will unfold new horizons in my #career, particularly at the vibrant #SoutheastAsia level 🌏.

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