NPC 2023 Keynote on Smart & Sustainable Cities

Honored to speak at Malaysia’s NPC 2023, I shared insights on empowering smart cities for sustainable development. Highlighting Brittany’s digital twin initiatives, I emphasised data’s pivotal role in urban planning. The event, a confluence of tradition and modernity, allowed me to expand my network and advocate for collaborative, data-driven, and community-empowered urban innovation, resonating with the SDGs and local needs.

As expert, I had the honor of speaking 🗣️ at the National Planning Congress of #Malaysia 🇲🇾 #NPC2023. I was officially invited by the strong Malaysian Institute of Planners MIP, which partnered this year with the Commonwealth Association of Planners #CAP.
Around one thousand urban planners attended the opening ceremony 🙌🏻, a powerful mix of #tradition and #modernity. Totally impressive ! 😃

In the session relating to #innovation (one hundred of attendees), I presented « Empowering smart cities for a sustainable urban future » (abstract + my profile 👇🏼). An opportunity also to present my region #Brittany and #digitaltwin / #datasharing implemented in the city of #Rennes, one of its major cities. 😉

This week, I also visited the #Malaysia Urban Forum #MUF2023 in #Kuching #Sarawak, orchestrated by URBANICE MALAYSIA, the agency in charge of monitoring #SDG11 🏙️. So many events advocating for change !

A lot of new contacts, experts but also mayors. This time, I’m strongly expanding my #network in regions (states) !


Urban sustainability requires integrated public policies that align with the 17 interconnected SDGs. Data is key for these policies, as it can provide evidence and feedback on urban challenges and opportunities. Smart city initiatives offer relevant solutions that use new planning tools such as digital twins to simulate urban scenarios, optimise operations and inform decisions. However, collaboration among stakeholders within the local ecosystem remains crucial. Data collection and sharing are required, as well as the adoption of governance models and open standards to foster systems interoperability. Insights from the European experience will be shared as a valuable source of inspiration and learning. The importance of a bottom-up approach that involves and empowers local authorities, citizens and communities will be stressed. As a result, smart city will be presented as a multi-faceted challenge that needs both a global vision and precise use case oriented solutions.

Consultant, Ker-Iz Consulting

Stéphane Péan is a Europe/Asia boundary-spanning consultant, well-versed in working across diverse cultural and multi-stakeholder environments, who helps public authorities and companies navigate complex projects and drive them towards success. His expertise lies in fostering impactful innovative solutions, particularly within the realms of digital cities, smart mobility, and above all the broader context of sustainable urban development. Graduated in urban and regional planning, intelligent transportation systems along with an MBA, he has nurtured a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, including strategic governance, capacity building and facilitation.

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