From Singapore to ASEAN: Charting the Course for Collaborative Urban Impact

In Singapore, I met Syed Mubarak—an expert in ESG and SDGs. As Vice President of the Smart Cities Network_ASEAN, we discussed urban sustainability, digital platforms, and governance challenges. Our shared goal: IMPACT BY 2030! Our encounter at the Housing & Development Board’s expo marks the start of a transcontinental partnership. Europe and ASEAN unite for smarter, sustainable cities.

 In #Singapore today, I met Syed Mubarak, an enthusiast Asian expert in #ESG and #SDGs, who is also VP of Smart Cities Network_ASEAN.
A 3h “deep dive” strategic discussion into urban #sustainability, digital platforms as well as #governance and #capacity building challenges, particularly in the Asian context and with a focus on regions and cities role.
A lot in common for future active collaborations, including between #Europe 🇪🇺 and #ASEAN 🌏, and with a bold shared goal : IMPACT BY 2030 ! 💪🏻
We met at Housing & Development Board, which presented a great expo on the topic of sustainable urban development.

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