Global South: The New Frontier for Sustainable Urban Development

My global consultancy is now strategically aligned with the emerging framework of sustainable urban development (SUD), focusing on integrated, place-based public policies, governance, and green digital solutions. After a decade in Asia, I’m targeting the Global South, particularly Southeast Asia, with Malaysia as the operational hub. This shift underscores the need for cooperation in capacity building, where Europe and the UK can share adaptable knowledge and best practices.

By reading the 🌍 #news (below👇), I feel that my #intuition 💡 was right to position my #global activities in the new framework of #sustainable urban development (#SUD) with a strong focus on #integrated and #place-based public policies (my urban #planning background), #governance and #devolution approaches (my political sciences background), and the necessary #green and #digital solutions (my #DX background).

After 10-year expatriation in #Asia, I decided to target the #globalsouth, particularly South-East #Asia, with a first and very operational step in #Malaysia 🇲🇾. Indeed, #emergent countries need cooperation, not only in terms of funding but also #capacity building. #Europe (+ #UK 🇬🇧) 🇪🇺 can share #knowledge, #expertise and #bestpractices that could be locally adapted …

As a highly-skilled and experienced freelancer #consultant, I today consider myself as a #global boundary spanning impact #facilitator who works between different worlds : Europe/Asia, public/private or social/engineering. I think these new global #goals clearly need a new #governance, new #leaders but also new professionals that can #facilitate collaboration in complex contexts. My time has come ! 😉

NEWS ——–

In #Takamatsu 🇯🇵 (July 9th), The #G7 promoted its #SUD principles that outline commitments for more cooperation, including with emergent countries and between cities, along with more engagement with and through local authorities, by also empowering civil society.

« We recognise that digitalisation can contribute to economic, environmental and social development and management of cities. It can also have a positive impact on mitigating climate change and promoting inclusion. We recognise that “smart city approaches” can contribute to “human-centred urban development” and provide equitable solutions for the diversity of people’s needs and lifestyles. »

Achieving Sustainable Urban Development Together
Principles of Achieving Sustainable Urban Development Together

In hashtag#NewYork 🇺🇸 (July 10-19), the High-level Political Forum 2023 ( on sustainable development will review the hashtag#SDG11 on “sustainable cities and communities” among other hashtag#SDGs. It is a milestone event leading up to the hashtag#SDGs summit in September.

Several side events are also of interest :

Local2030 Coalition Special Event : Actions, solutions, and partnerships to foster multilevel governance and unlock financing to accelerate SDG localization

Regions4 Special Event : Innovative approaches to the implementation of SDGs at subnational level / SDG 11 and interlinkages with other SDGs / Harnessing high impact localization policies to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through SDG 11 and towards the 2023 SDG Summit

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