Energy Asia Visit: A Glimpse into Renewable Futures

At the Energy Asia Expo, I witnessed the forefront of renewable energy advancements. PETRONAS and its subsidiary Gentari showcased their strides in sustainability, while TotalEnergies’ collaboration on CCS and solar projects underscored Asia’s renewable growth. Valuable connections were made, including discussions on the Smart Green ASEAN Cities programme, signaling exciting collaborative prospects.

Today, I visited Energy Asia (3 days) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 🇲🇾. Many Japanese companies 🇯🇵 and a few western groups were there but not only …

The Malaysian famous company PETRONAS led a giant pavilion called « PETRONAS Energy Park », which was freely open to visitors. Its new flagship innovative subsidiary Gentari – hydrogen, renewables and electrification – had also a strong presence there. Last year in #Europe 🇪🇺, PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG) acquired Perstorp Group 🇸🇪. This innovative chemical company leads « Project Air », which provides a solution to replace fossil raw materials with recycled and biobased feedstock in the production of methanol.

The big surprise came from TotalEnergies 🇫🇷, which is particularly interested in the « huge » renewables business in #Asia. The French group signed a #MoU with PETRONAS on carbon capture & storage (CCS) as well as with Gentari on solar energy. 👉🏻

Last but not least, I had the chance 🍀 to meet a Breton colleague 😃, expert in the energy sector, and who helped me a lot by opening his Malaysian network. I also exchanged on The Smart Green #ASEAN Cities programme with a counsellor from the Delegation of the European Union to Malaysia 🇪🇺. We decided to meet again in a few months !

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