Innovation Meets Urban Planning: Charting Malaysia’s Smart City Journey

Invited by TPr Ts. Md Farabi Yussoff, I witnessed TM One Innovation Lab’s unveiling, symbolising Telecom Malaysia’s stride towards digital sophistication. The close of 2023 saw also an alliance with PLANMALAYSIA strengthen, setting 29 local councils on a path to smart city transformation.

I was honored to be invited by TPr Ts. Md Farabi Yussoff Md Yussoff* to explore the newly inaugurated TM One Innovation Lab today. This cutting-edge facility is housed within the TM Digital Academy at Multimedia University, #Cyberjaya, marking a significant milestone for Telecom Malaysia’s business solutions arm in fostering a digitally progressive #Malaysia.

As 2023 drew to a close, TM One embarked on a strategic #partnership with the government’s PLANMALAYSIA to accelerate the development of smart cities. This joint effort encompasses 29 local councils recognised by PLANMALAYSIA’s #Malaysia Smart City Recognition Programme. These councils are now poised to benefit from a series of proof-of-concept trials (POC), leveraging TM One’s comprehensive suite of smart services.

The urbanist TPr Ts. Md Farabi Yussoff Md Yussoff, previously at the helm of #smartcity initiatives at the federal PLANMALAYSIA, has taken on a pivotal role at TM One to steer these promising new projects.

In #Malaysia, it’s remarkable to witness urban planners, traditionally embedded within various levels of government, now assuming influential positions in the #smartcity domain within the private sector, and particularly the #telecom industry.

* TPr Ts. Md Farabi Yussoff Md Yussoff contributed his expertise as a moderator during my presentation at the Malaysian Institute of Planners webinar focused on #smartmobility (March 2024).

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