My Journey in Shaping Smart Cities with Open Platforms

The CityEnabler for Digital Urban Services (CEDUS) stands as a testament to the transformative power of open urban data platforms. As the brainchild of the EIT Digital initiative, CEDUS has redefined city planning and urban ecosystems across Europe and Latin America. Its recognition with the SelectforCities Award and adoption by over 350 smart cities worldwide underscores its pivotal role in advancing sustainability and quality of life in urban environments. Today, CEDUS continues to expand its influence, fostering global partnerships and setting the stage for the next wave of smart city innovation.

I’m passionate about smart and sustainable city strategies, and I want to share with you one of the most impactful initiatives that I led and funded when I was the Digital Cities Action Line Leader at EIT Digital (2016-2019) 🇪🇺. It’s called CEDUS which stands for the #CityEnabler for Digital Urban Services, a game-changer for #urbandata and #openplatforms.

#CEDUS designed an open urban data platform that supports city planning and urban ecosystems. It follows the Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities (OASC)‘s principles and fully uses FIWARE-based software components, which ensure #interoperability and avoid vendor lock-ins.

The #CityEnabler was an innovative solution that enables cities to provide a whole range of new services based on data integration and analysis. Tested in several European and Latin American cities, such as Trento 🇮🇹, Malaga 🇪🇸, Rennes 🇫🇷, and Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱, it has also won the EU-funded SelectforCities 🇪🇺 Award 2018 🏆 for its excellence in urban data platforms. It is a great example of how hashtag#smartcities and #urbandata can contribute to improve the quality of life and #sustainability of urban environments.

I showcased the #CityEnabler at the Smart City Expo World Congress, the leading event for #smartcities, on stage along with top platform suppliers like Microsoft 🇺🇸, Huawei 🇨🇳, NEC Corporation 🇯🇵, and CEA 🇫🇷. Later on, I also initiated a partnership 🤝 with Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities (OASC) to introduce #CEDUS and the #CityEnabler to various cities through a European roadshow 🇪🇺 on how regional and urban authorities can unlock the potential of data.

As a result, #CEDUS became a reference for open urban data platforms in Europe and beyond, sparking a global movement that is today endorsed by the World Economic Forum‘s G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance 🌐 as well as Living in EU 🇪🇺, a platform that connects cities organisations and stakeholders in Europe. Six years later, more than 350 smart cities worldwide 🚀 use FIWARE-based solutions, according to the former FIWARE Foundation’s CEO 🙌.

FIWARE Foundation is nowadays a key pillar of the Smart City Expo World Congress and is expanding its network worldwide 🌐, collaborating with Japan 🇯🇵, Korea 🇰🇷, India 🇮🇳 and more recently North America 🇺🇸, with a first sound step in South-East Asia 🌏 (Indonesia 🇮🇩).

I hope you enjoyed reading about the pioneering hashtag#CityEnabler and how it changed the world of smart cities and urban data platforms. 😊

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