Embracing Change: Ker-Iz Consulting’s Journey Beyond Borders

Celebrating four years of innovation, Ker-Iz Consulting (KIC) unveils its vibrant webpage update, marking a strategic pivot from Japan and Europe to the dynamic Southeast Asian region. With Malaysia as a newfound hub, KIC is poised to influence the ASEAN landscape through a series of pivotal projects and a significant Asia-Pacific event, heralding a transformative era in my professional narrative.

I’m thrilled to share the significant #update of my professional #webpage, celebrating the 4th anniversary of my own brand Ker-Iz Consulting (KIC).

The updated site is a testament to my #journey, featuring a vibrant collection of recent initiatives and landmark achievements (▶️ blog).

This evolution is a strategic response to the post-#Covid19 era, marking an expansion from #Japan 🇯🇵 and #Europe 🇪🇺 to the dynamic region of #SoutheastAsia 🌏.

Throughout the past year, #Malaysia 🇲🇾 has graciously become my second home, emerging as the pivotal center for my engagement across the #ASEAN landscape.

As I look to the #future, I’m on the verge of undertaking a series of critical projects. These include a discreet yet impactful participation in a notable #AsiaPacific event—a potential catalyst for a new chapter in my #career.

In these transformative times, it was imperative to update my professional #profile and #mission statement to reflect the progressive steps in my path.

Embark on this new chapter with me at Ker-Iz Consulting (KIC) right here !

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