Navigating the Future: From Automotive Analysis to Sustainable Urban Mobility

In the heart of Japan’s automotive industry, I delved into competitor analyses and market dynamics. My journey evolved, and I now champion sustainable urban mobility, shaping a future where progress and planet coexist harmoniously.

While my insights on #smartcity policies in #SoutheastAsia 🌏 have recently gained attention, there’s a substantial part of my professional journey that remains less known. I’m now unveiling this hidden chapter, showcasing my extensive industry experience and #businessintelligence expertise.

In the dynamic heart of #Japan 🇯🇵’s automotive industry, I dedicated eight years to leading competitor and context analyses for PSA #Peugeot #Citroën 🇫🇷’s Tokyo Office (now part of Stellantis). Leveraging data-driven insights from consultancy giants like IHS MARKIT GLOBAL LIMITED (now part of S&P Global Mobility), J.D. Power, JATO Dynamics, and MarkLines Co., Ltd., I explored the global strategies of Japanese 🇯🇵 and Korean 🇰🇷 automakers. My particular focus was the Japanese market 🇯🇵, where I conducted detailed #market analyses within the context of environmental and safety #regulatory policies. My expertise also extended to developing specialised reports on products, including niche segments like #keicars 🚗, and technologies such as #powertrain, #ASV, and #ITS, as well as #transportation studies to better understand the unique Japanese context (e.g. urban #logistics).

More than just interpreting data, I documented the intricate partnerships within industry titans and their #keiretsu networks, like Toyota Motor Corporation or Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. These high-level experiences enriched my perspective, especially in 2007, when I took part in foundational discussions at #Mitsubishi Motor’s HQ 🇯🇵 regarding the Russian joint venture 🇷🇺 with the PSA Group 🇫🇷.

The year 2010 was a turning point as the PSA Tokyo Office became part of the new #Asia division headquartered in Shanghai. During this transition, I focused on analysing #FTAs and their evolution to #CEPs in the Asia-Pacific region, with a keen eye on the rising Chinese car manufacturers 🇨🇳.

Finally, 2013 marked a transformative year as I shifted from automotive trend analysis to championing sustainable urban mobility. My consultancy role with IHS Markit Automotive* and leading #Toyota’s Ha:mo carsharing initiative signalled the start of a new chapter in my career. Originally graduated in #urbanplanning, this new direction was not just a change in focus, but a commitment to shaping the future of urban living. The #Hamo project, with its forward-thinking approach, was a forerunner in the movement towards multimodal, sustainable transport systems.

Now, as we stand at the crossroads of environmental challenges and technological advancements (#AI), my journey continues. I am dedicated to the pursuit of smart, sustainable urban mobility solutions that fully align with deep #sustainability principles (#SDGs integration). My aim is to contribute to a #legacy that not only transforms the urban landscape but also ensures a harmonious balance between progress and planet.

* Is Car Ownership a Thing of the Past? Future Mobility Trends (2013)

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