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Spearheading Sustainable Futures: My Speaker Engagement at ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024

Embark on a journey with me at the 19th ITS Asia Pacific Forum in Jakarta, where we’ll enlighten the path to Nusantara—a groundbreaking $35 billion endeavor to redefine urban living. In my talk, I’ll delve in the essence of holistic innovation that supports sustainable urban environments, prioritising the well-being of citizens within a vibrant urban ecosystem.


Celebrating ATEC ITS France: A Journey in Intelligent Transportation

Reflecting on my transit through Paris, I attended ATEC ITS France’s 50th anniversary, reminiscing about my time leading ITSFrance. From 2000, I expanded the network, focusing on local authorities and new stakeholders. My tenure culminated in enhancing the French presence at ITS World Congresses, fostering international relations. Post-ATEC, I continued to advance ITS initiatives, grateful for the knowledge gained and the leaders who guided me. Here’s to the ongoing success of ATEC ITS France and its community of experts dedicated to the public interest.