Third Visit’s Moment of Truth: Pursuing Growth and Outcomes in Malaysia

Since last year, I’ve had the privilege of visiting #Malaysia 🇲🇾, and it’s actually my third time. Each visit has enriched my understanding of this vibrant nation, its colorful people, and its boundless opportunities.

As the month of my #birthday unfolded, so did countless chances for exploration and growth. During the #HariRaya holidays, I had the pleasure of discovering the picturesque beauty of #PortDickson 🏝️alongside my Malaysian friends.

This year again, Anfaal Dhiyana Mohd Ridhuan extended an invitation to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)’s #HariRaya Digital—an event that seamlessly blends friendship and business. It allowed me to reconnect with remarkable individuals. Among them were #MDEC’s VPs: Raymond Siva, Gopi Ganesalingam, and Ir. Dr. Karl Ng.

Jordi Pol Ramon 🇪🇸 whom I met a few months ago in #Barcelona, reappeared on my radar. His last invitation to join a #Sarawak delegation in Spain promises exciting collaborations. Additionally, I had the chance to reconnect with Navin Danapal 🇲🇾, a dynamic entrepreneur. Our discussions delved into the startup landscape in #SoutheastAsia, drawing parallels with my previous European mission at EIT Digital 🇪🇺.

Thanks to THELISSON Remi 🇫🇷, from Veolia, I could attend a thought-provoking panel discussion on #sustainability, which took place within the modernist new mall #TheexchangeTRX. The topic—“Climate Innovation: Harnessing Nature and Technology to Combat Climate Change”—resonated deeply. Ahila Ganesan from Think City, whom I had previously known virtually, became a real-life connection. Anis Mohd Nor from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) introduced cutting-edge #AI solutions, while Lavanya Rama Iyer from WWF reminded us of #SEACAR’s impactful launch last year. #SEACAR, with its focus on nature-based solutions, climate analytics, and resiliency, aligns perfectly with the discourse from the Asia Pacific Sustainability Week #APSW, the regional #COP I joined last year.

As I look ahead, I’m thrilled about the myriad opportunities that will unfold—both in #Malaysia and across #SoutheastAsia. My scope transcends borders, and I eagerly anticipate forging new connections, driving innovation, and making a lasting impact.

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