Three Pivotal Years at Toyota: Driving Toward Sustainable Mobility

A decade ago, I joined Toyota’s Hamo project—a three-year mission that marked a shift toward sustainable urban mobility. This shared electromobility service exemplified Toyota’s transition from a technology-centric approach to one centered around people. Aligned with Toyota’s philosophy of enhancing global quality of life through vehicles, this experience significantly shaped my career, offering a unique perspective on smart cities and mobility solutions.

Exactly 10 years ago 🎉, I joined Toyota Motor Corporation 🇯🇵’s IT & ITS planning division, and precisely in its Smart community planning department. It was a 3-year mission as Project Manager (主幹), equivalent to a General Manager at Toyota Motor Europe in terms of seniority. Throughout #Toyota‘s history, very few foreigners have directly signed with #Toyota‘s HR headquarters. I’m very grateful to #Toyota !

I was in charge of #Hamo (Harmonious Mobility), a new shared electromobility service that was to be introduced to the European market 🇪🇺. It was a collaborative zero-emission ultra-compact urban electric vehicle #carsharing scheme aimed at addressing #lastmile transportation needs for those using or shifting to public transportation. Modal shift is key to sustainable urban mobility !

Before launching the service in #Grenoble city 🇫🇷, in collaboration with Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, EDF and Réseau Citiz, I was involved in the preparation, from systems integration (digital platforms) to service plan design (business model). In parallel, I was supervising advanced batteries fitted to ultra-compact EVs at CEA Grenoble‘s facilities through the implementation of a private #carsharing internal service.

During the wide-scale deployment, I influenced #Toyota to shift from a typical #techcorp approach to a much more people-centric strategy, using persona marketing to focus on lifestyles. A successful digital campaign was launched on social networks, enabling us to achieve the #KPIs. Today, Woven by Toyota is using this #bestpractice at its #wovencity smart city in #Japan 🇯🇵🗻 …

As a strategist, I was also engaged in competitor and hashtag#benchmarking analyses as well as prospection studies (next cities), along with several technical visits in hashtag#Europe 🇪🇺.

Above all, I was very proud to represent #Toyota at the ERTICO – ITS Europe driven #ITSWC2015 in #Bordeaux 🇫🇷, where I presented a paper during a technical session gathering #big5 consulting companies. Regarding #Toyota‘s pavilion in the #ITS exhibition, I was particularly involved in the content preparation in order to make the #Hamo booth more attractive to visitors. During this time, I met many experts from around the world 🌍, and we are still connected on #LinkedIn !

My #takeaways today are very precious and unique, constituting my personal competitive advantage. I learned a lot about #collaboration and how to facilitate things on complex tasks in a multi stakeholder international open-innovation context. My GLOBIS University – Graduate School of Management‘s #MBA was also crucial in understanding situations and “thinking & acting” efficiently. As a result and next, I joined the #EU funded EIT Digital to lead the #digitalcity action line at the European scale 🇪🇺 … Later in #Asia, I had the chance to meet a new #Hamo team on a campus in #Bangkok 🇹🇭 (pictures below).

Certainly, my hashtag#career is very distinctive and special ! 😉

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