Reflecting on a Fruitful Journey: Engaging with Malaysia’s Potential

As my enriching three-month journey in Malaysia and Singapore draws to a close, I’m already envisioning the next steps. The initial exploration phase has opened doors to potential collaborations, setting the stage for a deeper engagement. I’m thankful for the support from my diverse network, which has been instrumental in forging new connections. The experience reaffirmed my belief in Malaysia’s dynamic potential and the importance of critical thinking and positive action. As I prepare for my return to Paris, I look forward to continuing this momentum and contributing to sustainable development in Asia.

My 3-month #happy 😃 trip in #Malaysia 🇲🇾 (+ #Singapore 🇸🇬) is coming to an end this week. I came in this amazing city of #KualaLumpur #KL 🏙 with the purpose to freely explore Malaysian opportunities 🇲🇾 (+ #ASEAN 🌏), and particularly in my domains (#SDGs and #DX driven cities).
Phase 1 (#exploring) was such successful that I’m planning a 3-month phase 2 (#engaging) with potential projects and partnerships in the pipes 🤞. In 2024, towards a phase 3 (#acting) ? 🍀

First of all, I’m grateful to my network fellows for their kind support : #Breton 🔳, #French 🇫🇷, #European 🇪🇺 and #Malaysian 🇲🇾 (#MBA). During my stay, I also had the chance 🍀 to meet a lot of smart, nice and friendly people 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧, who connected me so easily to their own network. As a #European expert, I also would like to thank EUROCHAM Malaysia 🇪🇺 that quickly contributed to extending my local contacts. Indeed, “#trust is built in the smallest of moments” (Brené Brown).

I think that my first #intuition 💡 to explore #Malaysia 🇲🇾 was right. Reality is not only a picture 📸 but much more a dynamic. It’s also crucial to be #critical when facing “old school” built speeches, and keep a #positive mindset by always staying focus on the new goals.
In #Malaysia 🇲🇾, I subtly could feel a wind of change. Not only at the governmental levels but also within the civil society such as new companies, universities and even citizens themselves.

Nevertheless, a hard collective #work is needed even from beyond current organizational boundaries. #Governance and #localisation, #knowhow and #capacity building are a few of the necessary approaches in order to be fully successful. Between a blueprint #vision and #implementation, a clear #strategy must also be devised, operational and shared among all the stakeholders …

Next week (July 3-4), I will be in #Paris 🇫🇷. If you are available, we could meet 👥 there ! And see you soon in #Asia 🌏 … 👋

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