Charting New Horizons: Ker-Iz Consulting’s Asian Expansion

As I gear up for my upcoming journey to Asia, I’m excited about the new ventures awaiting with Ker-Iz Consulting. The brand, deeply rooted in my Breton heritage and European expertise, is now pivoting towards Southeast Asia, with Malaysia set to become my regional base. This strategic move aligns with my commitment to knowledge sharing, facilitation, and capacity building—key to achieving global sustainability goals. Embracing the digital era, I’m poised to bridge Europe and Asia, fostering impactful cooperation in smart cities and mobility.

I’m already preparing my next trip 🛫 to #asia 🌏 (Oct-Dec 2023) with new potential missions in the pipe line 🍀. New Ker-Iz Consulting (KIC) business cards 📇 are coming soon 🔜, reflecting my new #challenges ! The #website is expected to follow a similar pattern … 😃

As a #freelancer consultant 👨‍🏫 , I keep my brand “Ker-Iz Consulting (KIC)“, a symbolic reference to my #breton 🇫🇷 roots (known as great explorers 🌍 !), which also highlights my strong #european 🇪🇺 experience (ITS, EIT & Interreg).

Nonetheless, I’m now drastically shifting my consultancy to #globalsouth, #southeastasia in particular, with #Malaysia 🇲🇾 as my future regional HQs. After expatriation in #japan 🇯🇵 (2005-2016), it’s time to go back to #asia with my upgraded global expertise as well as a strong motivation to bring #impact !

As far as my #career is concerned, this is obviously logical focusing now on #knowledge sharing, #facilitation and #capacitybuilding, crucial approaches to successfully reach #globalgoals in the field of urban #sustainability (#SDG11), and where #digitalcities and #smartmobility are of importance. Accordingly, my slogans have been updated in this way : “Shaping the urban age” by “building bridges to sustainability”. By the way, #cooperation is key and why not between #Europe 🇪🇺 and #Asia 🌏 ? 🙂

I wish you happy holidays 🍹🏖 !

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Freelance expert, Ker-Iz Consulting