Catalyzing Innovation: A Global Mission with Agorize in Japan

Reflecting on a rewarding 3-month mission in Japan with Agorize, fostering connections and exploring opportunities in startup ecosystems and talent acquisition. Now back in Europe, I’m excited to pursue new ventures in smart mobility and digital cities. Looking forward to returning to Japan and continuing our journey in open innovation. 

My 3-month mission in #Japan 🇯🇵, as Agorize’s Global representative, was a thrilling experience ! 🙌🏻

Thanks to trusty connections, I could meet a regional government as well as its economic federation representatives with the purpose of exchanging about #startups ecosystems promotion. Indeed, a national governmental program is actually undertaken to nurture innovative ecosystems in several Japanese metropolitan cities.

I also approached several #universities and one of them is proposing us a new win-win opportunity. Nowadays, talents searching is a key challenge for innovative companies in #Japan.

In collaboration with our local Japanese company Agorize Japan, I also had the chance to respond to a call for tender initiated by a world-class leading Japanese carmaker. Furthermore, I could meet an influential former VP of Toyota Motor Corporation, presently chairman of the #Toyota Foundation (my previous post).

Last but not least, I recently had the opportunity to present Agorize to the French automotive society of Japan 🇫🇷 chaired by Ali Ordoobadi, president of Valeo 🇯🇵. This informal network gathers French professionals belonging to the #automotive industry from Nissan Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, Dassault Systèmes and many more global companies. Representatives from the Ambassade de France au Japon also participate to this regular event.

Now, I am back to Europe 🇪🇺 following up new great business opportunities with Agorize by leveraging my European network in the areas of #smartmobility and #digitalcities.

To all my colleagues and friends whom I was happy to meet in hashtag#Japan, I would like to say that I will surely go back again to #Japan before the end of this year !

If you want to develop an hashtag#openinnovation initiative and search for support (methodology & tools), contact me on #Linkedin and I will present you the Agorize solution !Activate to view larger image,

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