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My Sustainability Insights at the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum 2024: Paving the Way for the New Indonesian Capital Transfer

At the 19th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum 2024 in Jakarta, the vibrant ITS community gathered to discuss Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). As a distinguished speaker, I fostered enriching dialogues on deep sustainability, urban digital twins, and data governance. Engaging with transportation specialists from Southeast Asia, we explored new horizons for the new Indonesian capital.


Spearheading Sustainable Futures: My Speaker Engagement at ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024

Embark on a journey with me at the 19th ITS Asia Pacific Forum in Jakarta, where we’ll enlighten the path to Nusantara—a groundbreaking $35 billion endeavor to redefine urban living. In my talk, I’ll delve in the essence of holistic innovation that supports sustainable urban environments, prioritising the well-being of citizens within a vibrant urban ecosystem.


Charting New Horizons: Ker-Iz Consulting’s Asian Expansion

As I gear up for my upcoming journey to Asia, I’m excited about the new ventures awaiting with Ker-Iz Consulting. The brand, deeply rooted in my Breton heritage and European expertise, is now pivoting towards Southeast Asia, with Malaysia set to become my regional base. This strategic move aligns with my commitment to knowledge sharing, facilitation, and capacity building—key to achieving global sustainability goals. Embracing the digital era, I’m poised to bridge Europe and Asia, fostering impactful cooperation in smart cities and mobility.