2nd trip to Malaysia : 23 September – 25 December, 2023

Date 2023-09-23-2023-12-25
LocationKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Following a period of exploration, the second business trip to Malaysia is set to focus on expanding networks and enhancing communication through various events. This stage is crucial for establishing a stronger foothold in the region, with an emphasis on connecting with key players in urban development, digital transformation, and mobility solutions. Participation in events and forums will serve as a platform to share insights, foster dialogue, and build lasting relationships that support the overarching goals of sustainable urban innovation.

  • Trip to Kuching: October 3rd to October 5th
  • Trip to Malacca : October 12th to October 13rd
  • Trip to Kuching : November 5th to November 7th
  • Trip to Johor Bahru : November 14th to November 17th
  • Trip to Penang : December 5th to December 8th