François Ascher, Hypermodernity, Individuals and metapolis

Date 2020-03-19-2020-03-19
LocationGrande-Arche de la Défense, Paris

In 2009, François Ascher won the Urban Planning Grand Prix, also the year of his death. This event is not a commemoration. On the contrary, we want to situate ourselves in the present with the will to say in what way and how his thought or method can illuminate contemporary contexts or help put them into perspective.

This meeting will gather : Jean-Louis Cohen (IPRAUS/AUSser), Gilles Delalex, Xavier Desjardins, Dana Diminescu, Franck Eckardt, Philippe Gargov, Ariella Masboungi, Danilo Martuccelli, Eric Le Breton, Jean-Marc Offner, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil, Jean-Pierre Poulain, Nathalie Roseau, Taoufik Souami, Pierre Veltz et Marcus Zepf.

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